Magistrates Court Legal Representation

If you are heading to the Magistrates Court to face a criminal charge and need legal representation, we’ve got your back.


Timing is everything, getting legal advice early can sometimes make the difference between being found guilty or not guilty. It is paramount that you have a lawyer that is able to protect your rights in the Magistrates Court as:

  • If you are going to the MC, it’s likely you’ve been charged with a criminal offence, or you’ve been served a VRO or perhaps you’ve been served papers to settle a debt.

  • If you’re going to MC, DO NOT go on your own – even if you’re pleading guilty, you may not know all the factors the court will take into consideration during sentencing.

  • A lawyer can mean the difference between a term of imprisionment or not.

The first step we’ll take is to figure out who is involved in the incident and any available defences, we’ll help you find the best way to present your initial story to the police.

We cannot stress the importance of seeking legal advice, even if it’s just a phone conversation. Get in touch ASAP.

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  1. CALL US FIRST. If the police are looking for you make sure you speak to us before you speak to them.
  2. VISIT US – so you can tell us your situation, we’ll listen to your thoughts on how the situation came to be. We will give you an idea of how your case would be assessed in the magistrates court and how to proceed. If need be, we can approach the police together.
  3. BUILD YOUR DEFENCE. We then proceed to build the case, check evidence or explore mitigating circumstances. This process may involve meeting with you, or your family, or the police.
  4. ATTEND COURT. We attend court with you and introduce ourselves as your legal representatives. Ideally, our job is to reduce the total number of times you appear in court and achieve a fair outcome for you – without having to proceed to a final hearing. This also includes representation at conciliation conferences or interim hearings.

Why Perth Family Law Centre for Magistrates Court Legal Representation?

  • Deal with one person for the entire case, the same person that will represent you.
  • We follow through with our promises
  • We keep you informed of your possible lines of defence and the options available to you 
  • We take an interest in whats happening, and don’t just quote from the criminal code
  • We help you deal with evidence presented against you, which could make the difference between imprisonment and a community based order.
Call 0400 714 714
Mark ShawMark Shaw

I rang David to book a consultation, expecting to pay, but instead he took 30 minutes out of his schedule to provide some excellent advice - all for free!
Much appreciated

Tina parsonsTina parsons

Thankyou David for your excellent service and advice. While I was quite nervous with the process David's professionalism and care made me feel very comfortable and reassured. I have no hesitation in recommending Perth family law centres.