Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are documents created by two parties outlining the procedures to follow in the event that the relationship is dissolved. These can be made before, during or after the relationship / marriage has ended.


Once bitten twice shy, if you’ve been through a messy divorce and don’t ever want to go through it again, now is your chance to start off with a binding financial agreement that protects your assets and can also:

  • Keep finances separate during the marriage
  • Protect each other from debts
  • Provide for children from prior marriages
  • Keep property in the family name
  • Define who gets what if you divorce
  • Clarify responsibilities during the marriage


A Binding Financial Agreement may be entered into before, during or after the relationship. 

“Prenuptial” Agreements (or a Binding Financial Agreements made before the relationship) are sometimes made informally between the parties, but as such they are not enforceable and can not be relied upon. For a Prenuptial Agreement to be binding it must be in the correct format and both parties must have received  independent legal advice and the agreement should include certificates from both lawyers confirming they have provided that advice. 

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