Family Violence Restraining Orders

A Violence Restraining Order (VRO); is made to stop (or ‘restrain’) a person from committing an ‘act of abuse’ against another person.


In July 2017 a new type of restraining order was created called a Family Violence Restraining Order (FVRO).

There are a couple of major differences, the first is that the new the FVRO is used in circumstances where the parties are (or were) in a ‘family relationship’ such as being married; de facto partners, related to each other, or otherwise in an intimate relationship. It does however also include parties that were related by culture or kinship; son; in-law; partners ex-partner; step-relative; aunt or uncle etc.


Are you or your children the victim of violence?

  • Has someone issued a VRO on you?
  • Do you need to call the police on your former partner?
  • Are you being blackmailed by your former partner?
  • Are you being harassed by a family member?

Why Perth Family Law Centre for VRO Preparation?

We like to think that VROs are our specialty. We have seen so many of them over the years, and we’ve become pretty quick at getting these issued.

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