Separation Legal Advice

This involves seeing a separation lawyer to ask questions and advice about separation. This kind of services puts our clients in the best position to deal with separation.

Suitable either before you separate or after.

Timing is important...

We can get you on the right track – the earlier the better

If your relationship is at an end, or you are contemplating separation, it is paramount that you understand your rights and obligations regarding the law. We provide initial legal advice and help you plan for the future.


Frst step is to start a conversation with David. As every case is unique, we want to field your initial questions over the phone so that we can recommend a course of action best suited to your needs.

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Separation Legal Advice GIVES YOU...

  1. Make a list of questions. Can I keep the house? will the kids stay with me? will I have enough money to survive? What if he wants the kids? What % should I get?
  2. Call and make an appointment for an initial consultation.
  3. The appointment – We’ll provide advice around your rights and responsibilities so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. Good advice is worth it’s weight in gold.


Navigating separation in relation to the Family Court is difficult and complex. No two cases are the same, as each one will turn on its own facts and circumstances. Obtaining initial legal advice from experienced Family Law practitioners is crucial to obtaining the best possible outcome with the minimum amount of stress and cost.

Difficult terrirory to navigate.

We've been there..

With years of professional and personal experience in Family Law, we genuinely understand the importance of moving on with your life.

 No surprises..

We understand concerns about unexpectedly large legal bills and disclose legal costs upfront so that you can make informed decisions.

Stay in control..

We achieve the best outcomes for our clients by fighting from your corner with a conciliatory instead of adversarial approach to family law.
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Drew CameronDrew Cameron

I have used David for my family law matters and would highly recommend him. David's knowledge and professionalism is outstanding. Thankyou so much

Tina parsonsTina parsons

Thankyou David for your excellent service and advice. While I was quite nervous with the process David's professionalism and care made me feel very comfortable and reassured. I have no hesitation in recommending Perth family law centres.